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Category: General Publications

Title: Arizona's forest health strategy

Author: Kraker, D.

Subject: Wildfire, NAU, Grand Canyon Trust

Abstract: Over the past several years wildfires in northern Arizona have gotten more frequent and more severe. The ongoing drought, combined with decades of aggressive fire suppression, has turned our forests into dense tinderboxes. A statewide task force has spent the past several years developing strategies aimed at restoring the health of Arizona's forests, and they've just released their draft report. Ethan Aumack of the Grand Canyon Trust and Northern Arizona University's Tom Sisk co-chaired the task force. First, Sisk tells Arizona Public Radio's Daniel Kraker about the role of fire in forest health.

Date: 2007

Type: Audio File

Source: KNAU website

Identifier: May 17

Publisher: KNAU Public Radio

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Language: English