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Category: Sociopolitical Research

Title: Analyzing USDA Forest Service Appeals: Phase I, the Database

Author: * Cortner, H.J. , * Teich, G.M.R., Vaughn, J.

Subject: Policy

Abstract: A full accounting of the current administrative appeals process would begin with some basic questions: who, what, where, and when. The database we have compiled begins to answer some of these questions, especially 1) who files appeals, 2) what types of projects are appealed, 3) where the most appeals are filed, and 4) when most appeals are decided. It is important to note that there really was no easy way to answer these questions prior to construction of this database.

Date: 2003

Type: Report

Source: ERI Papers in Restoration Policy

Identifier: 56p.

Publisher: NAU Ecological Restoration Institute, http://www.eri.nau.edu

Format: PDF

Language: English