Are forest thinning critics in a time warp

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Category: General Publications

Title: Are forest thinning critics in a time warp?

Author: Staff, AZ Daily Sun

Subject: Tree thinning, Environmentalists, Ecological Restoration

Abstract: There's an essay picking up steam on the Web titled "Why the environmental movement is dead." It's primarily an exercise in overstatement, but it is gaining traction because of its laundry list of take-no-prisoners stands adopted by environmental groups when the stakes don't justify such extremism. The public knows the difference between storing radioactive waste alongside the Colorado River and draining Lake Powell, but some in the conservation movement apparently don't, and they jeopardize support for an entire movement through continuing acts of intransigence.

Date: 2005

Type: News Paper

Source: Arizona Daily Sun


Publisher: Arizona Daily Sun,

Format: PDF

Language: English