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Category: Theses and Dissertations

Title: Analysis of Current and Historical Surface Flows and Hydrologic Response to Restoration Treatments in the Upper Lake Mary Watershed, Arizona

Author: Miller, C.A.

Subject: Hydrology

Abstract: In the arid landscapes of the southwestern United States, water is perhaps the scarcest and most valuable resource. John Wesley Powell became convinced of water’s vital importance to the region during his exploration of the West in 1869, and reported as much to Congress upon his return (Reisner 1993). Powell foresaw the need for reliable supplies of water in the Southwest for agricultural purposes and to slake the thirst of an ever-expanding populace; his predictions are proving to hold true now more than ever. The western U.S. is currently the fastest-growing region in the country, with Arizona and Nevada leading the nation in population growth rates (Bernstein 2006).

Date: 2007

Type: Thesis

Source: Masters Thesis

Identifier: 78p.

Publisher: NAU School of Forestry,

Format: PDF

Language: English