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Category: Theses and Dissertations

Title: Mapped permanent quadrats: A window through time into herbaceous plant demography.

Author: Dowling, H.E.

Subject: Herbaceous Plants

Abstract: This historical data set consists of a series of 98 permanent 1-m2 chart quadrats from within the ponderosa pine-bunchgrass ecosystems of northern Arizona, USA. We relocated these chart quadrats and remapped all individual plants in each quadrat annually from 2002-2014. The temporal and spatial data provide unique opportunities to examine the effects of climate and land-use variables on plant demography, population and community processes. The original chart quadrats were established between 1912 and 1927 to determine the effects of livestock grazing on herbaceous plants and pine seedlings. We briefly describe the three distinct historical studies that led to the establishment of this larger network of 98 permanent quadrats. We provide the following data and data formats: (1) high-resolution image files (*.tiff); (2) the digitized maps in shapefile format; (3) a tabular representation of centroid or point location (x, y coordinates); and basal cover for species mapped as polygons; (4) a species list including the total records for each species, (5) quadrat inventory of the years each quadrat was sampled; (6) quadrat information including GPS coordinates and elevation; and (7) monthly precipitation and temperature records.

Date: 2015

Type: Thesis

Source: Masters Thesis

Identifier: 84p.

Publisher: NAU School of Forestry,

Format: PDF

Language: English