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Category: Sociopolitical Research

Title: Introduction: Humans, Fire, and Forests-Part II

Author: * Cortner, H.J. , Field, D.R.

Subject: Urban Interface

Abstract: In issue 17(6) of Society and Natural Resources, we introduced the first in a series of research articles on humans, fire, and forests. We continue that introduction ofa new generation of research initiatives on humans and fire here . In issue 17(6) the research presentations were eclectic, reflecting the emerging range of fire studies now appearing in the literature. One study focused on public attitudes and perceptions toward fire issues, while the other two articles provided insights into experimental economics and lessons learned from the natural hazards research field.

Date: 2004

Type: Journal

Source: Society and Natural Resources

Identifier: 17:659-660

Publisher: Taylor (and) Francis

Format: PDF

Language: English