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Category: Sociopolitical Research

Title: The Use of Ecosystem Health Indicators for Evaluating Ecological and Social Outcomes of the Collaborative Approach to Management: The Case Study of the Diablo Trust

Author: Munoz-Erickson, T.A. , Aguilar-Gonzalez, B.J.

Subject: Diablo Trust, Ecological Restoration

Abstract: Evaluation research is clearly progressing in providing answers to critical questions about the collaborative process and its effectiveness. However, the question still remains whether there is a correlation between a working collaboration and on-the-ground impacts. Innes and Booher believe that the process and outcome are tied together and that a process that involves all stakeholders, including those with little power, is likely to produce a just outcome . . . (and) are likely to be sustainable because both environmental and economic interests must be satisfied. Yet, as Kenney contends, the ultimate measure of success is whether efforts have led to improvements in environmental conditions and social capital. The main challenge facing this type of evaluation is the lack of adequate monitoring data linking partnership activities to changes in ecological and socio-economic conditions, and the many years required to monitor and test changes on the ground. This paper seeks to be a contribution in the direction of providing an indicator framework that would allow the collection of such information and a better understanding of what determines the success of these processes.

Date: 2003

Type: Journal

Source: Online Journal of the Community-based Collaborative Research Consortium

Identifier: 3(16)

Publisher: Community-Based Collaboratives Research Consortium,

Format: PDF

Language: English