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Category: Sociopolitical Research

Title: Political Challenges Facing Ecological Restoration in Protected Areas in the United States

Author: * Cortner, H.J. , Legg, J., * Moote, M.A. , Vaughn, J.

Subject: Policy, Ecological Restoration

Abstract: Forest ecosystem restoration often becomes engulfed in controversy. This paper discusses the political challenges that face ecological restoration projects. in general, and in protectedforested areas in the south-western United States. in particular. These challenges involve fundamental core issues of hU111.an relationships with nature and of democratic governance. Meeting these challenges will require that both restoration scientists and agencies become more actively engaged with a diverse set of publics, and that, in many cases, they accept significantly revised power structures.

Date: 2004

Type: Book

Source: Global Challenges of Parks and Protected Area Management

Identifier: 173-181

Publisher: Carlo Delfinio: Sassari, Italy

Format: PDF

Language: English