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Category: Sociopolitical Research

Title: Monitoring Handbook 3: Budgeting for monitoring.

Author: Derr, T. , Schumann, M.

Subject: Monitoring

Abstract: As part of the planning process, monitoring teams select goals and indicators that are important to their group. Many times, groups create a lengthy list of items only to find that they have neither the time nor the money to carefully monitor all that is on the list. This handbook provides the following information: How to establish realistic budgets, Sample budgets from existing projects, and potential sources of funding to supplement ambitious monitoring efforts.

Date: 2005

Type: Handbooks

Source: ERI/USFS Multiparty Monitoring Handbooks

Identifier: Vol. 3, 23p.

Publisher: NAU Ecological Restoration Institute, http://www.eri.nau.edu

Format: PDF

Language: English