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Category: Sociopolitical Research

Title: Wilderness Management and the Restoration of Fire: An Analysis of Laws and Regulations in Northern Arizona

Author: Ostergren, D.M.

Subject: Management, Policy

Abstract: Our recognition of the ecological importance of fire has increased to the point where the operative question is no longer Should we have fire on our public lands? but How should we restore fire as an essential ecosystem process?. This white paper places the restoration of fire in the context of the 1964 Wilderness Act, and then examines the implementation of federal fire law and policy in five Wilderness Areas (WAs) in northern Arizona dominated by ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) ecosystems. The analysis of these WAs reveals that while the three federal agencies involved in the study (Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, and National Park Service) share similar fire legislation and policies, implementation varies from agency to agency. Although initiated in northern Arizona, the implications of this study span wilderness ecosystems throughout the United States and suggest the need for a comprehensive national Wilderness fire policy.

Date: 2006

Type: ERI White papers

Source: ERI - Issues in Forest Restoration

Identifier: 24p.

Publisher: Ecological Restoration Institute/NAU

Format: PDF

Language: English