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Category: General Publications

Title: The SER International Primer on Ecological Restoration

Author: Clewell, A. , Aronson, J. , Winterhalder, K.

Subject: Ecological Restoration, Monitoring

Abstract: Ecological restoration is an intentional activity that initiates or accelerates the recovery of an ecosystem with respect to its health, integrity and sustainability. Frequently, the ecosystem that requires restoration has been degraded, damaged, transformed or entirely destroyed as the direct or indirect result of human activities. In some cases, these impacts to ecosystems have been caused or aggravated by natural agencies such as wildfire, floods, storms, or volcanic eruption, to the point at which the ecosystem cannot recover its predisturbance state or its historic developmental trajectory. Restoration attempts to return an ecosystem to its...

Date: 2004

Type: Report

Source: Unpublished

Identifier: 13p.


Format: PDF

Language: English