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Category: General Publications

Title: Congressional Testimony at the House Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health Oversight Hearing on the Crisis on the National Forests: Containing the Threat of Wildland Fire on the Environment and Communities, March 7, 2003 in Flagstaff, AZ.

Author: * Covington, W.W.

Subject: Management, Policy

Abstract: My testimony today has four major points: 1. The greatest threat to the sustainability, diversity, and social viability of the forests and communities of the West is our failure to restore forest health in the frequent fire forests of the West. 2. The pace and scale of our forest health restoration treatments is wholly inadequate; treatments should at least be on the scale of acres burned by severe wildfire annually. 3. Knowing what we now know, it is critical that we move forward with large-scale restoration-based fuel treatments using an adaptive management approach. 4. There are emerging models of communities working to reduce the threat of fire while restoring the forest for its full suite of values. Their success depends on meaningful community collaboration, human and financial resources and adequate scientific support to make well informed management decisions. Congress, federal agencies, universities, and non-governmental organizations must support these communities to help them achieve success. These groups should be supported and encouraged to work at the scale of the greater ecosystem, 200,000 to 1,000,000+ acres.

Date: 2003

Type: Testimony

Source: ERI Congressional Testimony

Identifier: 8p.

Publisher: NAU Ecological Restoration Institute, http://www.eri.nau.edu

Format: PDF

Language: English