Why the Flagstaff Restoration Model Should Not Be...

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Category: General Publications

Title: Why the Flagstaff Restoration Model Should Not Be Applied To Public Forest Lands

Author: Southwest Forest Alliance

Subject: Ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa), Flagstaff

Abstract: This summer’s severe fires have prompted a national discussion regarding their underlying causes and the actions that should be taken to reduce the potential for extensive fires in the future. In the search for solutions the “Flagstaff model” has been held up by some as the silver bullet that will solve the West’s forest fire problems. Instead of being a solution, the Flagstaff model has the potential to cause the same kind of damage that we fear from the high intensity fires that are currently raging. While it is clear that some proactive measures need to be taken to cure the problems created over the last century by overgrazing, old growth logging, and fire suppression, it would be a grave mistake to resort to extreme easures like the Flagstaff model.

Date: 2000

Type: Report

Source: Southwest Forest Alliance

Identifier: 31p.

Publisher: Southwest Forest Alliance

Format: PDF

Language: English