Implementing the Archaeo...environmental...

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Category: General Publications

Title: Implementing the Archaeo...environmental Reconstruction Technique: Rediscovering the Historic Ground Layer of Three Plant Communities in the Greater Grand Canyon Region

Author: Alcoze, T.A. , Hurteau, M.D.

Subject: Reference conditions, Grand Canyon

Abstract: Determining reference conditions is a central theme in authentic ecological restoration (Higgs 1997; White and Walker 1997). This means that restorationists must determine the ecological conditions that were present on a site prior to the disruption of the historic ecological conditions and identify the possible causes of the degradation. Obtaining reliable information about reference conditions requires the restorationist to examine both spatial and temporal aspects of the ecosystem being studied. A thorough study of the natural range of variability characteristic of an ecosystem and the variability of that ecosystem over time provides a general framework and working definition for determining reference conditions (Aplet and Keeton 1999) . However, the specific limits of these variability parameters range from verifiable details based on scientific research to generalizations derived from direct observations and interpretation.

Date: 1999

Type: Book

Source: The historical ecology handbook, editors Dave Egan and Evelyn Howell

Identifier: 413-424

Publisher: Island Press, Covelo, CA

Format: PDF

Language: English