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Category: General Publications

Title: Fire as an Ecological and Silvicultural Factor in the Ponderosa-pine Region of the Pacific Slope

Author: Weaver, H.

Subject: Ecological Restoration, Fire suppression, Ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa), Silviculture

Abstract: Wherever man goes in the ponderosa-pine region of the Pacific Slope he sees evidence of past forest fires. The occassional charred remnants of old trunks and stumps, the partially burned snags and windfalls of trees killed by various causes in more recent times, and the charred bark and the basal fire scars or cat faces on the trunks of numerous standing live trees are everywhere in evidence. Many apparently unblemished trees when felled are found to have hidden, grown-over scars caused by fires that burned at various times during the earlier life of the tree, some as early as the sapling and pole stages.

Date: 1943

Type: Journal

Source: Journal of Forestry

Identifier: 41(1):7-15

Publisher: Society of American Foresters

Format: PDF

Language: English