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Category: General Publications

Title: Ecological Restoration Institute Forest Restoration Training Survey

Author: Solop, F.I., Hagen, K.K., Mottek-Lucas, A.L.

Subject: Survey, Training

Abstract: The Ecological Restoration Institute (ERl) at Northern Arizona University commissioned the Social Research Laboratory (SRL) to create and administer a telephone survey of land managers in the Southwest, primarily in Arizona and New Mexico. The purpose of the study was to gauge the demand for training and education of land managers in ecological restoration of forested lands in the region. The SRL and the ERl collaboratively designed a survey instrument. In addition to determining the level of interest in further ecological restoration education, the survey also investigated preferred types of education, delivery methods (web-based, classroom or field-based), the access respondents have to technology, the best timing for educational programs, the preferred location for classroom-based workshops or field-based sessions, the preferred length of workshops, perceived employer support for the programs, and levels of interest in particular subject areas for future ecological restoration education and training.

Date: 2003

Type: Report

Source: Social Research Laboratory

Identifier: 34p.

Publisher: Northern Arizona University Social Research Laboratory

Format: PDF

Language: English