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Category: General Publications

Title: Working Paper 16: Snags and Forest Restoration

Author: * Lowe, K.

Subject: Ecological Restoration, Snags

Abstract: Standing dead trees, also known as snags, are an important component of a thriving forest ecosystem. They are an essential part of the nutrient cycling process and provide crucial wildlife habitat for many species of animals. Although some may consider snags unsightly, they are a natural part of the decomposition process and may be one of the most important legacies of a forest (Tinker and Knight 2004). This publication presents an overview of snags and their relationship to ecosystem health and wildlife habitat, guidelines for maintaining snags in restoration areas, and additional information about how snags affect the level of fire hazard.

Date: 2006

Type: Working Papers

Source: ERI Working Paper

Identifier: Vol. 16, 8p.

Publisher: Ecological Research Institute

Format: PDF

Language: English