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Category: General Publications

Title: Concepts of Forest Health

Author: Kolb, T.E., Wagner, M.R. , * Covington, W.W.

Subject: Forest health

Abstract: he term "forest health" is being increasingly used in the context of forestry and natural resource: management. For example, the term has been the subject of several articles in the JOURNAL OF FORESTRY and a recent Society ofAmerican Foresters task force: report, Sustaining Long-Term Forest' Health and Productivity (Society of American Foresters 1993). "Forest health" is also increasingly used in government mandates concern ing foresr management. For instance, the Forest Ecosystems and Atmospheric Research Act of 1988 mandated surveys to monitor long-term trends in the health of forest ecosystems (Burkman and Hertel 1992). Moreover, forest health has emerged as a central objective for the desired future condition of forests; to some extent it replaces management for sustained commodity output (USDA Forest Service 1993a, Society of American Foresters 1993).

Date: 1994

Type: Journal

Source: Journal of Forestry

Identifier: 10-15

Publisher: Society of American Foresters

Format: PDF

Language: English