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Category: General Publications

Title: Using Lightning Location in the Wildland Fire Assessment System

Author: Latham, D., Burgan, R., Chase, C., Bradshaw, L.

Subject: Wildfire, Lightning

Abstract: Location of the ground position of lightning discharges has been possible for several years. A technique for using ignition probability calculations together with lightning location data results in maps that are useful to fire managers in making decisions on timescales from historical to real-time. These maps,partoftheWildland FireAssessmentSystem, willaidfire managers in assessing the potential that lightning will result in reportable fires. The maps are generated using ignition probability based on duff depth, fuel moisture, and fuel type. To match fire potential classes, ignition probabilities are classified into ignition potential classes of low. medium, high, very high, and extreme. Possible benefits are savings in time, fire suppression costs, and perhaps even lives.

Date: 1997

Type: Technical Reference

Source: USDA Forest Service General Technical Report

Identifier: INT-GTR -349

Publisher: USDA Forest Service,

Format: PDF

Language: English