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Category: General Publications

Title: Charting Quadrats with a Pantograph

Author: Hill, R.R.

Subject: Quadrats

Abstract: The quadrat method of recording changes in the composition of vegetation has been used by the Forest Service in connection with its various grazing investigations for a number of years. The accurate history thus compiled of the changes in plant formations, especially under different conditions of grazing, is invaluable in developing principles of range management. On the Santa Rita Range Reserve, in southern Arizona, eighty chart quadrats are.mapped each year and as many more will be established in the near future. It is obvious to those familiar with quadrat charting that the mapping of this number of quadrats involves a great deal of work.

Date: 1920

Type: Journal

Source: Ecology

Identifier: 1(4):270-273

Publisher: Ecological Society of America

Format: PDF

Language: English