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Category: General Publications

Title: Fact Sheet: The Ecological Restoration Institute and the Public Lands Institute Will Use Terrestrial Ecosystem Surveys to Assess Potential Landscape-Scale Treatments in Arizona and Nevada

Author: * Egan, D.

Subject: Nevada, Spring Mountains

Abstract: Resource managers need a means of identifying practical management units when working with large landscapes; a method that identifies vegetation-environment relationships based on soils, topography, productivity, and microcli-mate. This perspective is useful because topography, soils, and microclimate vary across landscapes, with vegetation and productivity responding to this spatial variability. With a map that subdivides large landscapes into units that have similar management needs and will likely respond similarly to treatment, managers can tailor specific treat-ments to specific parts of the landscape.

Date: 2010

Type: Fact Sheet

Source: Ecological Restoration Institute Fact Sheet



Format: PDF

Language: English