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Category: General Publications

Title: Communications between Forest Managers and Property Owners in Pine Flats, Arizona: A Case Study of Community Interactions in a High Fire Hazard Area

Author: * Rudeen, A.

Subject: Collaboration

Abstract: The wildland-urban interface presents a number of challenges for forest managers, particularly in the context of fire-prone ecosystems. Forest restoration and fire protection needs can conflict with the very reasons people have for moving to forested settings. Homeowners often believe that public agencies, rather than the homeowners themselves, should bear the responsibility for fire protection.1 However, effective communication and education can increase homeowners acceptability of fuel treatments and encourage them to take personal action.2 Conversely, poor communication can lead to feelings of mistrust, frustration, and homeowner reluctance to take personal action.

Date: 2006

Type: ERI White papers

Source: ERI - Issues in Forest Restoration

Identifier: 28p.

Publisher: NAU Ecological Restoration Institute

Format: PDF

Language: English