A comprehensive guide to fuels treatment practices for ponderosa pine in the Black Hills, Colorado Front Range, and Southwest

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Category: General Publications

Title: A Comprehensive Guide to Fuels Treatment Practices for Ponderosa Pine in the Black Hills, Colorado Front Range, and Southwest

Author: Hunter, M.E. , Shepperd, W.D. , Lentile, L.B. , Lundquist, J.E. , Andreu, M.G. , Butler, J.L. , Smith, F.W.

Subject: Fuels, Ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa), Wildfire, Tree thinning, Prescribed burns, Black Hills

Abstract: The objective of this paper is to present recommendations for fuels treatments in ponderosa pine forests in the Southwest, Colorado Front Range, and Black Hills of South Dakota. We have synthesized existing knowledge from the peer-reviewed literature and administrative studies and acquired local knowledge through a series of discussions with fuels treatment practitioners. We describe specific treatments, the circumstances under which they can be applied, and treatment effects. We provide recommendations related to where, how, and how often fuels treatments may be prescribed to achieve desired outcomes. Desired outcomes address social, political, economic, and ecological factors.

Date: 2007

Type: Report

Source: USDA Forest Service General Technical Report

Identifier: 93p.

Publisher: USDA Forest Service

Format: PDF

Language: English