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Category: General Publications

Title: Statewide Strategy for Restoring Arizonas Forests

Author: Staff, Arizona Forest Health Council

Subject: Management

Abstract: In 2003 Governor Janet Napolitano created the Forest Health Advisory Council and the Forest Health Oversight Council in response to the escalating number, frequency, and intensity of unnatural wildfires threatening Arizonas forests and communities (Executive Order 2003-16). The Councils were directed to develop scientific information and policy recommendations to advise the Governors administration in matters of forest health, unnaturally severe fire and community protection. In addition, the membership was designed to be inclusive to maximize the opportunity for collaboration and defuse the controversy surrounding forest management. (caution: 14 MB file!)

Date: 2007

Type: Report

Source: Statewide Strategy Subcommittee of the Governors Forest Health Oversight Council

Identifier: 1-140


Format: PDF

Language: English