A Twenty Year Record of Changes in an Arizona Pine...

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Category: General Publications

Title: A Twenty Year Record of Changes in an Arizona Pine Forest

Author: Pearson, G.A.

Subject: Ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa), Forest history

Abstract: In the early days of national forest administration one of the first thoughts of research men was to establish records that would make it possible to measure progress from time to time. Silviculture as applied to western conditions was largely theory; it was yet to be determined what methods would give the best results and whether, indeed, any method applicable under prevailing economic conditions would achieve the main object, namely, sustained production of timber under commercial utilization. So-called sample plots were established on logged over areas in order to ascertain how fast residual stands would grow, whether they could produce merchantable timber, and whether natural restocking would take place.

Date: 1933

Type: Journal

Source: Ecology

Identifier: 4(3):272-285

Publisher: Ecological Society of America, http://www.esa.org/

Format: PDF

Language: English