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Category: General Publications

Title: Fact Sheet: Post-Wildfire Fuels and Regeneration Dynamics

Author: * Roccaforte, J.P. , * Fule, P.Z., * Chancellor, W.W., * Laughlin, D.C.

Subject: Fuels, Regeneration, Wildfire, Ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa)

Abstract: Western forests are increasingly subject to large, severe wildfires that leave behind large quantities of standing and fallen woody debris. In areas that expe-rience total overstory tree mortality, a lack of seed sources may affect future ecosystem trajectories. ERI researchers studied 14 ponderosa pine-dominated wildfire sites of different ages throughout Arizona to better understand snag and woody debris dynamics, and to assess post-fire regeneration in terms of probable future successional trajectories.

Date: 2011

Type: Fact Sheet

Source: Ecological Restoration Institute Fact Sheet

Identifier: 2p.

Publisher: Ecological Restoration Institute/NAU

Format: PDF

Language: English