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Category: General Publications

Title: Working Paper 11: Collaboration as a Tool in Forest Restoration

Author: * Lowe, K. , * Moote, M.A.

Subject: Collaboration

Abstract: Many policy makers, stakeholders and land management agencies have embraced collaborative approaches as a means of guiding forest management on public lands. A growing number of federal policies, such as the Healthy Forests Restoration Act of 2003 and the Facilitation of Cooperative Conservation Executive Order 13352 of August 26, 2004, call for cooperative conservation by encouraging federal agencies to work collaboratively with multiple stakeholders on natural resource management issues. These directives have created both optimism and uncertainty. This publication presents an overview of collaborative forest restoration, including its benefits and challenges.

Date: 2005

Type: Working Papers

Source: ERI Working Papers

Identifier: Vol. 11, 8p.

Publisher: NAU Ecological Restoration Institute, http://www.eri.nau.edu

Format: PDF

Language: English