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Category: General Publications

Title: Stakeholder Group Reaches Agreement in Historic Forest Restoration Effort

Author: * Stevens, B.

Subject: Four Forest Restoration Initiative, Coconino National Forest, Kaibab Plateau, Apache-Sitgreaves, Tonto

Abstract: Flagstaff, Ariz. – After working together for a year, community leaders, governmental organizations, environmentalists, scientists, and private industry leaders have reached agreement on a proposed course of action to restore health to Arizona’s degraded ponderosa pine forests. That proposed course of action is detailed in the now-finalized Path Forward document, which will be submitted to the Forest Service as part of its ongoing 4 Forest Restoration Initiative.

Date: 2010

Type: Press Release

Source: ERI Press Release

Identifier: 2p.

Publisher: Ecological Restoration Institute/NAU

Format: PDF

Language: English