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Category: General Publications

Title: Recovery Processes of Ponderosa Pine Reproduction Following Injury to Young Annual Growth

Author: Cooperrider, C.K.

Subject: Ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa), Regeneration

Abstract: In the plateau region of northern Arizona peculiar geologic formations account for the lack of the living natural waters that are typical of most high mountain districts. They also exert a profound influence on the plant growth, and the character of forage through their effect on soil and available moisture. In the forested areas most affected by these formations animals are particularly apt to browse pine reproduction. Tip moths are also very destructive in places, sometimes over large areas. Thus control of injury to young trees, the future forest, is an important problem in the management of these forest lands.

Date: 1938

Type: Journal

Source: Plant Physiology

Identifier: 13:5-27

Publisher: American Society of Plant Biologists

Format: PDF

Language: English