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Category: General Publications

Title: Effects of Wildlife on Timber and Forage Production in Arizona

Author: Pearson, H.A. , Davis, J.R., Schubert, G.H.

Subject: Wildfire, Ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa), Fire effects

Abstract: A severe May wildfire decimated an unthinned ponderosa pine stand in northern Arizona, while an adjacent thinned stand was relatively undamaged. Radial growth increased on burned trees where crown kill was less than 60(percent) and decreased when crown kill was more than 60(percent). Burning initially stimulated growth of herbaceous vegetation in both stands. Herbage nutrient value was temporarily enhanced due to burning. Artificially seeded areas produced most herbage 2 years after burning.

Date: 1972

Type: Journal

Source: Journal of Range Management

Identifier: 25(4):250-253

Publisher: Society of American Foresters

Format: PDF

Language: English