Fort Valley Experimental Forest´┐ŻA Century of Research 1908-2008

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Category: General Publications

Title: Forest Structure and Tree Recruitment Changes on a Permanent Historical Cinder Hills Plot Over a 130-Year Period

Author: Dyer, J.H., * Sanchez-Meador, A.J. , Moore, M.M., * Bakker, J.D.

Subject: Forest Structure, Fort Valley Experiment Station, Diameter, Recruitment pattern

Abstract: We examined forest structure, tree recruitment, and spatial pattern over a 130-year period on cinder soils in northern Arizona. Data were collected from a 3.24 ha permanent, stem-mapped plot established in 1909. This site is unique in that it represents ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa Laws. var. scopulorum Engelm.) growing on black cinder soils, which are of limited extent in the Southwest. Tree diameter, tree density and spatial data reconstructed from 1874 and actual measurements from 1909 and 2004 were compared, and the current stand age-structure of living trees was examined. Unlike most studies of stand dynamics in the Southwest, this site has experienced little change in structure or spatial pattern between 1874 and 2004. This difference is thought to reflect the unique environmental conditions associated with black cinder soils.

Date: 2008

Type: Proceedings

Source: Fort Valley Experimental Forest - A Century of Research 1908-2008 Conference Proceedings

Identifier: RMRS-P-53CD: 214-221

Publisher: USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station

Format: PDF

Language: English