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Category: General Publications

Title: Preservation of Natural Areas in the National Forests

Author: Pearson, G.A.

Subject: Conservation

Abstract: Biologists and those interested in allied lines are familiar with the movement launched by the Ecological Society to secure the preservation of so-called natural areas where plant and animal life and natural features in general may remain undisturbed by human activities. In seeking such conditions one naturally turns to localities remote from established communities. The National Forests hold out much promise because they contain large sections which as tet are but little affected by industrial development, and because they are under Federal control. The writer has been requested by the chairman of the Committee on Preservation of Natural Areas of the Ecological Society to list the National Forests of Arizona and New Mexico as areas which will remain at least in a semi-natural state.

Date: 1922

Type: Journal

Source: Ecology

Identifier: 3(4):284-287

Publisher: Ecological Society of America, http://www.esa.org/

Format: PDF

Language: English