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Category: Ecological Research

Title: Effects of Livestock Grazing on Pre-Settlement Fire Regimes in New Mexico

Author: Touchan, R. , Swetnam, T.W. , Grissino-Mayer, H.D.

Subject: Grazing, Grasses, Pre-settlement, Fire ecology, New Mexico

Abstract: In this study we investigate the effects of livestock grazing on fire regimes in northern New Mexico. We accomplish this by reconstructing and comparing multicentury fire histories of ponderosa pine forests in areas with different grazing histories. Contrasting fire histories in these areas reveal the importance of land use history in the interpretation of pre-settlement fire regimes. The current structure and functioning of these ecosystems are intimately linked to past fire regimes. Consequently, knowledge of grazing practices and their potential effects on past fire regimes is important for interpreting, understanding and managing modern forests.

Date: 1995

Type: Journal

Source: USDA Forest Service

Identifier: 268-272


Format: PDF

Language: English