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Category: Ecological Research

Title: A seed chalcid (Eurytoma squamosa Bugbee) parasitizes buckbrush (Ceanothus fendleri Gray) seeds in a ponderosa pine forest of Arizona

Author: * Huffman, D.W.

Subject: Vegetation studies, Ecological Restoration, Parasitism, Seeding

Abstract: Predispersal seed parasitism rates were quantified for buckbrush (Ceanothus fendleri Gray) in 3 Arizona ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa Laws.) forest units that had been thinned for ecological restoration objectives. The chalcidoid wasp Eurytoma squamosa Bugbee (Eurytomidae) was responsible for 35(percent) of total seed loss in a single year. These findings represent an expansion of the known range and host list for E. squamosa and increase our understanding of factors that may constrain regeneration of C. fendleri in Southwest ponderosa pine forests.

Date: 2002

Type: Journal

Source: Western North American Naturalist

Identifier: 62(4):474-478

Publisher: Western North American Naturalist, http://wnan.byu.edu/

Format: PDF

Language: English