Wildland fire in ecosystems: effects of fire on soils and water

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Category: Ecological Research

Title: Wildland Fire in Ecosystems: Effects of Fire on Soil and Water

Author: Beyers, J.L. , Brown, J.K. , Busse, M.D. , DeBano, L.F. , Elliot, W.J. , Ffolliott, P.F. , Jacoby, G.R. , Knoepp, J.D. , Landsberg, J.D. , Neary, D.G. , Reardon, J.R. , Rinne, J.N. , Robichaud, P.R. , Ryan, K.C., Tiedemann, A.R., Zwolinksi, M.J.

Subject: Ecosystem classification, Fire effects, Soil, Water

Abstract: This state-of-knowledge review about the effects of fire on soils and water can assist land and fire managers with information on the physical, chemical, and biological effects of fire needed to successfully conduct ecosystem management, and effectively inform others about the role and impacts of wildland fire. Chapter topics include the soil resource, soil physical properties and fire, soil chemistry effects, soil biology responses, the hydrologic cycle and water resources, water quality, aquatic biology, fire effectson wetland and riparian systems, fire effects models, and watershed rehabilitation.

Date: 2005

Type: Report

Source: Rocky Mountain Research Station Technical Report

Identifier: RMRS-GTR-42-vol. 4

Publisher: USDA Forest Service, http://www.fs.fed.us/

Format: PDF

Language: English