An Ecological Basis for Ecosystem Management

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Category: Ecological Research

Title: An Ecological Basis for Ecosystem Management

Author: Kaufmann, M.R. , Graham, R.T. , Boyce, D.A. , Moir, W.H. , Perry, L. , Reynolds, R.T. , Bassett, R.L. , Mehlhop, P. , Edminster, C.B. , Block, W.M. , Corn, P.S.

Subject: Ecological Restoration, Ecosystem classification

Abstract: This report was prepared by the Southwestern Regional Ecosystem Management Study Team composed of management and research biologists. The USDA Forest Service Southwestern Regions Regional Forester, Larry Henson, and the Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station Director, Denver Burns, chartered this team to recommend an ecological basis for ecosystem management. This report is not intended to provide details on all aspects of ecosystem management; it simply provides information and makes recommendations for an ecological basis for ecosystem management. The report is not a decision document. It does not allocate resources on public lands nor does it make recommendations to that effect. The report of this Study Team may be relied upon as input in processes initiated under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), National Forest Management Act (NFMA), Endangered Species Act (ESA), Administrative Procedures Act (APA), and other applicable laws. The information contained in this report is general in nature, rather than site specific. Implementation of ecosystem management and allocation of resources on Forest Service administered lands is the responsibility of the National Forest System in partnership with Forest Service Research and State and Private Forestry. Implementation is done through Forest and project plans that are subject to the NEPA process of disclosing the effects of proposed actions and affording the opportunity for public comment. The Southwestern Region follows a planning process for projects called Integrated Resource Management (IRM). The opinions expressed by the authors do not necessarily represent the policy or position of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Forest Service, The Nature Conservancy, or the Arizona Game and Fish Department. The Study Team acknowledges the valuable input of more than 50 individuals from various agencies, universities, professional organizations, and other groups who provided thoughtful comments of an earlier draft of this document. Some of their comments are included in Appendix 3.

Date: 1994

Type: Report

Source: Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station Research Paper

Identifier: Report RM-246, 28p.


Format: PDF

Language: English