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Category: Ecological Research

Title: Frozen-stored Conifer Container Stock can be Outplanted Without Thawing

Author: Kooistra, C.M., * Bakker, J.D.

Subject: Reforestation, Storage, Thawing, Chlorophyll

Abstract: In this study, we outplanted frozen-stored container stock in operational settings and found minimal effects of thawing regime on seedling performance over 2 y. We monitored the performance of 1+0 container stock of 3 coniferous species (lodgepole pine [Pinus contotta var. latifolia (Pinaceae)], western larch [Larix occidentalis (Pinaceae)], and interior spruce [Picea glauco and P. engelmannii hybrid complex (Pinaceae)]) planted with frozen or thawed root plugs at 2 sites. Differences in chlorophyllfluorescence between frozen and thawed seedlings disappeared within 3 d of outplanting, and differences in budburst phenology disappeared within 6 wk of outplanting. Frozen seedlings had slightly lower diameter and biomass than thawed seedlings but did not differ in condition, height, or sturdiness ratio over 2 growing seasons. Interspecific and environmental differences accounted for much more of the variation in measured attributes than did plug temperature treatment. Eliminating the thaw stage from the seedling production process can yield significant operational advantages.

Date: 2005

Type: Journal

Source: Native Plants Journal

Identifier: Fall 2005: 267-278


Format: PDF

Language: English