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Category: Ecological Research

Title: Doing the best we could with what we had: USFS Range Research in the Southwest

Author: Olberding, S.D. , Mitchell, J.E. , Moore, M.M.

Subject: Rangeland health, Management

Abstract: Retired southwestern US Forest Service (USFS) range technician Bill Kruse spoke the above words (see title) when asked about range research work in the 1960s. His remarks indicate the scope of vital work at hand yet with scarce available resources. The USFS rangeland studies program has always eked along with few funds and scientists attempting to do many types of projects designed to sustain and improve rangelands for multiple uses. But the early scientists who worked in the Southwest reads like a Whos Who list. This essay covers the southwestern range studies from the early 1900s until about 1970 when rangeland research became funded under other projects like watershed studies.

Date: 2005

Type: Journal

Source: Rangelands

Identifier: 27(3):29-36

Publisher: Society for Range Management, http://www.rangelands.org/

Format: PDF

Language: English