Climatic constraints on traitbased forest assembly

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Category: Ecological Research

Title: Climatic constraints on trait-based forest assembly

Author: * Laughlin, D.C. , * Fule, P.Z., * Huffman, D.W., * Crouse, J.E. , Laliberte, E.

Subject: Climate

Abstract: Climatic constraints on plant distributions are well known, but predicting community composition through knowledge of trait-based environmental filtering remains an important empirical challenge. Here, we evaluate the maximum entropy (MaxEnt) model of trait-based community assembly using forest communities occurring along a 12 C gradient of mean annual temperature (MAT).We use independent cross-validation to evaluate model predictions from sites where trait constraints are predicted from environmental conditions. We also test whether orthogonal axes of trait variation can be used as predictors to improve model parsimony and exploreMaxEnt forecasts of species distributions in a warmer climate.

Date: 2011

Type: Journal

Source: Journal of Ecology

Identifier: 99(6):1489-1499

Publisher: British Ecological Society

Format: PDF

Language: English