Ponderosa Pine Understory Response to Short-term Grazing Exclusion

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Category: Ecological Research

Title: Ponderosa Pine Understory Response to Short-Term Grazing Exclusion (Arizona)

Author: Sorensen, C.D., * McGlone, C.M.

Subject: Ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa), Understory, Grazing

Abstract: Livestock grazing is a pervasive land use practice on public lands In the American Southwest, making it an important variable in land management practices. While most grazing allotments are stocked each year, short rest periods (1-2 years) are used to minimize potential negative impacts of grazing and to sustain range resources (Curtin 2002). Moore and others (1999) specifically recommend deferment of livestock grazing on ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) forests after thinning and burning as ecological restoration treatments. Few data are available, however, on the influence of short-term grazing exclusion on the understory plant community of pine forest restoration projects. In this study, we attempt to quantify the impacts of cattle grazing on plant cover, species richness, and nonnative species on a ponderosa pine restoration project in northern Arizona.

Date: 2010

Type: Journal

Source: Ecological Restoration

Identifier: 28(2):124-126

Publisher: Society for Ecological Restoration International

Format: PDF

Language: English