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Category: Ecological Research

Title: Changing Fire Regimes in Mexican Pine Forests

Author: * Fule, P.Z., * Covington, W.W.

Subject: Fire ecology, Sierra Madre Occidental

Abstract: Although fire isa keyecological process that regulates the structure oflong-needled pine forests throughout western North America, only in some pine forests of northern Mexico do frequent, low-intensity fire regimes continue today. Frequent fire was excluded from virtually all long-needled pine ecosystems in the United Statesasa result ofgrazing, logging, and fire suppression associated with European-American settlement (Covington et al. 1994; Swetnam and Baisan, in press). The subsequent development of dense forests with a buildup of hazardous fuels presents challenges for current management of these ecosystems.

Date: 1996

Type: Journal

Source: Journal of Forestry

Identifier: 94(10):33-38

Publisher: Society of American Foresters

Format: PDF

Language: English