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Category: Ecological Research

Title: Reconstructing 350 years of precipitation in southeast Chihuahua, Mexico

Author: Cerano-Paredes, J., Villanueva-Diaz, J., * Fule, P.Z., Arreola-Avila, J.G., Sanchez-Cohen, I., Valdez-Cepeda, R.D.

Subject: Latewood, Earlywood, Chihuahua, Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii), Precipitation

Abstract: Earlywood, latewood, and total ring width series from Pseudotsuga menziesii were developed in a mixed conifer forest at Cerro El Mohinoraā€¯, Chihuahua. The tree-ring series extended for the period 1657-2005 (349 years) and were used to analyze hydroclimatic variability for southwestern Chihuahua. A seasonal winter-spring precipitation reconstruction was developed with the objective to determine high and low frequency precipitation variability and to analyze the impact of dominant atmospheric circulatory patterns. The reconstruction indicated high interannual, decadal and multiannual variability. Severe droughts were reconstructed for the periods 1695-1715, 1753-1760, 1785-1792, 1798-1806, 1819-1830, 1841-1870, 1890-1897, 1906-1912, 1924-1941, 1971-1977, and 1994-2005. The most extended droughts took place in the periods 1695-1715, 1841-1870, and 1924-1941. The last three decades of the 20th century and the current years of the 21st century have been particularly dry for northwestern Chihuahua but the ecological and socieoconomical impacts have not been determined.

Date: 2009

Type: Journal

Source: Madera y Bosques

Identifier: 15(2):27-44


Format: PDF

Language: Spanish