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Category: Ecological Research

Title: Research Matters: How Do Diameter Caps Affect Forest Resources?

Author: Wilent, S.

Subject: Diameter caps

Abstract: Ask a forester what he or she thinks of diameter caps—prohibitions on cutting trees larger than a given dbh—and you’ll probably get a thoughtful response that concludes with “but as a forester, it’s like tying one of my hands behind my back,” or words to that effect. Nonetheless, diameter caps are often proposed by individuals and groups concerned about retaining large mature and old-growth timber and associated wildlife habitat. Since 1994, for example, the so-called eastside screens have prohibited the harvesting of most trees 21 inches DBH or larger on millions of acres of Forest Service land east of the Cascade Mountain crest in Oregon and Washington.

Date: 2015

Type: Newsletter

Source: The Forestry Source

Identifier: Vol. 20, No.3. March 2015

Publisher: The Forestry Source

Format: PDF

Language: English