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Category: Ecological Research

Title: Rapid assessment of best available science for the Black River Forest Restoration Project.

Author: * Greco, B., * Waltz, A.E.M.

Subject: Rapid Assesment, Apache-Sitgreaves

Abstract: This Rapid Assessment (RAP) report provides a summary of research on forest structure reference conditions and natural range of variability (NRV), as they relate to the frequent-fire vegetation types within the Black River Forest Restoration Project (BRFRP). The project lies entirely within the Wallow Fire perimeter but was largely burned with low to moderate severity. The assessment focused on the ponderosa pine and dry mixed-conifer frequent-fire Ecological Response Units (ERUs) within the BRFRP perimeter. This report includes a summary from a report on restoration needs within the Wallow Fire. The RAP concludes with how best available science (BASI) may fit within the context of U.S. Forest Service policy and the Apache- Sitgreaves National Forest (ASNF) Land Management Plan (Revised Aug. 15, 2016).

Date: 2016

Type: Technical Reference

Source: ERI Technical Report

Identifier: 18 pp.

Publisher: Ecological Restoration Institute

Format: PDF

Language: English