Habitat use by Abert's squirrels ( Sciurus aberti ) in...

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Category: Ecological Research

Title: Habitat use by Abert's squirrels (Sciurus aberti) in managed forests

Author: Yarborough, R.F., Gist, J.A., Loberger, C.D., Rosenstock, S.S.

Subject: Abert's Squirrels, Habitat

Abstract: Ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) forests of the southwestern United States have changed dramatically over the past century, primarily in response to grazing, logging, and fire suppression practices. As a result, forest restoration treatments are gaining attention as a forest management tool for reducing fire risk and improving ecological function of the forest. We trapped and radiocollared Abert’s squirrels (Sciurus aberti) in restoration-treated ponderosa pine forests to determine changes in home range sizes as a result of restoration treatments. We report evidence that winter vs. nonwinter home range of Abert’s squirrels was not different pre- vs. posttreatment. These results are important for land managers in designing forest treatments that reduce the risk of stand-replacing wildfire while providing habitat for the Abert’s squirrel.

Date: 2015

Type: Journal

Source: The Southwestern Naturalist

Identifier: 60(2-3):166-170

Publisher: The Southwestern Naturalist

Format: PDF

Language: English