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Category: Ecological Research

Title: Characterizing Spatial Reference Conditions in Southwestern Warm/Dry Mixed-Conifer Forests

Author: Rodman, K., * Sanchez-Meador, A.J.

Subject: Mixed Conifer, Spatial Reference Conditions

Abstract: Reference conditions describe attributes of ecosystem structure, composition, and function and are used to inform ecological restoration efforts. Reference condition infor-mation on tree spatial patterns that occurred prior to wide-spread fire exclusion is limited for warm/dry mixed-conifer forests of the western U.S. (Romme et al. 2009), particular-ly those in the Southwest (see Table 1). Spatial patterns of trees, and groups of trees, are important because they are known to influence understory biodiversity and productivi-ty, fire behavior, distribution of surface fuels, wildlife habi-tat value, and regeneration (North et al. 2007, Sánchez Meador et al. 2009, Fry and Stephens 2010), yet this infor-mation is rarely quantified. The purpose of this fact sheet is to provide an overview of the existing research on spatial patterns in warm/dry mixed-conifer forests, and provide recommendations of future research.

Date: 2014

Type: Fact Sheet

Source: ERI - Fact Sheet

Identifier: 3p.

Publisher: Ecological Restoration Institute

Format: PDF

Language: English