Estimating the value of watershed services following forest restoration

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Category: Ecological Research

Title: Estimating the value of watershed services following forest restoration.

Author: Mueller, J.M., Swaffar, W., Nielson, E.A., Springer, A.E., Masek Lopez, S.

Subject: Watershed, Ecological Restoration, Valuation

Abstract: Declining forest health, climate change, and development threaten the sustainability of water supplies in the western United States. While forest restoration may buffer threats to watershed services, funding shortfalls for landscape- scale restoration efforts limit management action. The hydrologic response and reduction in risk to watersheds following forest restoration treatments could create significant nonmarket benefits for downstream water users. Historic experimental watershed studies indicate a significant and positive response from forest thinning by a reallocation of water from evapotranspiration to surface-water yield. In this study, we estimate the willingness to pay (WTP) for improved watershed services for one group of downstream users, irrigators, following forest restoration activities.

Date: 2013

Type: Journal

Source: Water Resources Research

Identifier: 49:1-9

Publisher: American Geophysical Union

Format: PDF

Language: English